Abusive Language at Workplace & Role of Management

5 12 2009

To blog or not to blog? I had been under this dilemma for quite sometime until I decided to take this step and get connected with others to know if they share same thoughts as I do?? For now, the purpose of ” this (following) post” is just to understand what others think about the topic? “All thoughts in the below post are writer’s personal observation and opinion. They do not intend to directly criticize any individual, company, country, culture or region “.

Workplace language – So, how often have you noticed that use of “abusive language/ words ” around us has increased incredibly specially at work place? How many time have you pointed out others to “mind their language”?? Do you ever think about it? Does it really matter to you that what kind of language is being spoken around you?? Does it really hurt when people use “abusive words” – just for sake of fashion??? Language used at your desk, in the lobby’s, and even in meeting rooms; how is it impacting you in long term?

Alright, let’s stop beating around the bush and admit (based on what it is observed around) that use of abusive words is certainly increased at workplaces and they are no longer considered to be shameful! Use of such words are either considered to be more ‘fashionable’ and ‘cool’ or they are misinterpreted to be more powerful, impressive and meaningful. People who used them every now and then actually live in fool’s paradise as they feel using these words will make their communication more worthy to listen and remember! I actually read this in another blog that “Bad words at work are SO good” – unbelievable but this is what people believe!

It is such a pity that in this age, where information is available tremendously at finger tips to gain knowledge and wisdom, people are not making full use of this. I am forced to think and say this because essence of humanity and ethics is vanishing. People don’t think twice before what they say? There is no ‘shame’ is using these bad words?? The concept of “family friendly, free and open workplace environment” has negatively impacted the attitude of staff. The difference between “free, unrestricted and relaxed workplace culture is being confused and ethics, respect and cultural values are being compromised.

Well of course, to use these bad words or to avoid them is totally at one’s personal level and reflects one’s personality and psychology; however at workplace, I strongly believe that there should be restrictions and clear boundaries for what people can say and what they can’t. This is extremely important to maintain clean, healthy and a true ‘friendly’ work environment. Although it might not sound really important to you at first place however if you think deep inside your heart and brain you will certainly agree that it is indeed of great value to STOP use of bad words at work.  At work, different individuals come to work together as team (apparently for same goal, mission and vision). The ingredients of “good manners”, “positive attitude” and “respect for others” , which are highly essential for healthy and productive environment, need to be injected from top management. These should not be considered personal characteristics instead they must belong to the whole company.

This is how usually they (used of abusive words) begin the sentence …”Sorry about my language but this is just F***ing or this is just B*** Sh*** or C****” Now if there is something to sorry about why do they say it??? There is certainly no need of these words. It could have been said in more humble and polite manners. Now this also brings another interesting point into light that people who (mistakenly) consider themselves to be highly sophisticated, extremely knowledgable tend to use these words more often. This is not a legal stuff that if one says sorry before use of any abusive word one is covered!!! One should always maintain a good balance of emotion, anger, pressure, ethics, code of conduct, culture at workplace and represent oneself as a truly professional and  sophisticated individual. And managements can always play an important role in deciding how they want there people to behave and reflect the image of the company.

Also have a look at this survey conducted by theladder.com  about use of bad language at work! http://www.hrmguide.com/communication/fired.htm




2 responses

30 12 2009

Utter drivel! Abusive swearing is completely different to comical letting-off-steam swearing, which accounts for 99.99999% of office foul language.

We probably swear more nowadays as we are under more stress, now why do we have to work so hard, why are we under so much pressure? Should the manager protect us from getting so exhausted we need to vent verbal-garbage steam? Probably….

Like most people, you’re looking at a symptom and not curing the cause.

2 01 2010

Well, yes ofcourse, it is management’s responsibility to curb any kind of misdoings in an organization. As it was mentioned in the topic that management should come forward to stop the use of such language and should try to find the root cause of such ill-behaviours. If these swearing and abussive words are being used to release pressusre ( as you said)…then certainly there are more healthy ways to do this… For the point you raised, “should the manager protect us from getting exhausted…” then again yes, it is an employee’s full right to be protected from all aspects when he is contributing his efforts to a company. There a millions of healthy and good ways to maintian a productive and healthy work environment than converting working like “money making machines”….

It was said at the end of the topic that it is management’s responsibility to clean up the environment at work once these symptoms are identified; your comment has opened another door for discussion on “how to cure this problem” which will be my main focus in next topic! Thanks 🙂

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